Chrissy’s Senior Reflection

Chrissy Martinez, Staff Reporter

I woke up on an August morning ready to conquer the day, the first day of high school. I walked confidently through the famous breezeway in my new cheer uniform with a pep in every step. The next four years of my life were right in front of me. Little did I know, high school was not only mentally and physically exhausting but rewarding all at once.

I started my freshmen year with a group of girls who I later cut out of my life for the wrong reasons. That is one of my regrets, but I’m happy to say that we are all friends again and I’m ending my journey with them. Freshmen year was easy for the most part, nothing too significant to remember.

Sophomore year was a roller coaster that only went down. The most important woman in my life passed away unexpectedly. My emotional state was off the charts. I hit my own personal rock bottom. Meanwhile, I was making mistakes left and right which did not help whatsoever. I was too wrapped up in my “cheerleader” world and the pointless drama that came with it and the constant cycle of losing and gaining new friends. I was trying to figure myself out, and I was surrounded by toxic individuals whom I no longer associate with. Towards the end of the year, I knew something had to change. I knew if I continued down this road I would only become the master of my own destruction.

In the beginning of junior year, I was determined to rewrite my wrongs and challenge myself. I took on an AP course where people looked at me funny for being in the class, as I wasn’t the typical AP student. I am still to this day proud of myself for breaking that status quo and pushing myself further than I thought I could go. My group of friends was smaller this year, but I’d rather have quality friends than a large quantity of them. I began to surround myself with goal-oriented people that pushed me to be the best at everything I did.

Senior year has been one of the best and most stressful years I’ve ever encountered. Whoever said senior year is easy is most definitely wrong: applying for colleges/scholarships, writing essays/articles on the daily, planning my future, making time for family and friends and having to do my AP homework while balancing a social life. Life constantly pulls to the point where I break down into tears in class here and there. Please don’t be ashamed of crying to release the frustration, it’s healthy and natural. The stress of becoming successful is overbearing at times. I tend to overload on my work because I know I can do it, but sometimes it becomes too much to handle. Every time I’m close to giving up, I persevere. I overcame my struggles, the stereotypes, the devil behind me saying “You can’t do it”, but here I am now attending Sacramento State University in the fall to further my love of Government/Journalism.

Chrissy Noelle Martinez, saying I’m proud of you is an understatement. You have proved everyone wrong who said you could not do it. Teachers and fellow peers have tried to discourage you, but that only motivated you more to succeed. The night before my grandma passed away unexpectedly, I promised her that I would go straight into a four year and make her proud. Well Mija you’ve stayed true to your promise even when you thought you couldn’t. I must say thank you to AVID, FFA and my journalism class for giving me the opportunity to blossom throughout my four years here. Remember Si Se Puede, yes we can, and most importantly yes YOU can.