Where are they headed?

Ajaybir Heir, Staff Reporter

Sydney Feinstein

Senior Sydney Feinstein


Plans after graduation: Attend University of California, Santa Barbara. Double major in Psychology and Global studies with a minor in communications.

Target occupation: undecided/ somewhere in the social and psychology field.

Influences: Parents, as they both are alumni of UCSB and it’s been her dream to follow in their footsteps.


Damian Diaz

Senior Damian Diaz

Plans after graduation: Work part-time while preparing for boot camp of the marines.

Target occupation: Motor transport and mechanical repair

Influences: His girlfriend Hannah James has supported him to enlist in the USMC.



Gursimran Singh

Senior Gursimran Singh


Plans after graduation: Finish UC Berkeley’s transfer curriculum for Haas Business school at Las Positas College, while interning and building experience in the business world.

Target occupation: Business Finance and Entrepreneurship

Influences: Working at a family owned business has inspired him to pursue in opening one himself, as well as his sister supporting his business ventures.