West High showcases their talent

Andrea Rivera, Sports Editor

Music Club hosted another fantastic talent show on April 27, featuring a wide range of acts such as poetry reading, singing and dancing. Overall, the judges looked for “someone who had a clear performance and how it affected the crowd,” senior Kacey Mae said. First place winner was awarded to the very first poet in the show senior Michelle Nguyen. Second place was awarded to Fernanda Tapia who sang “Siempre Hace Frío.” To prepare, she “practiced and kept working to better my sound.” Third place went to Stephanie Vazquez who gave a beautiful performance of “No Quiero Estar Sin Tí.” Senior Chance Spivey, first time contestant, would like to tell all future students, “Get there ahead of time, especially if you bring your own stuff. You have to make sure everything is good to go and check in with everyone running it. Other than that, don’t be nervous! Just have fun and show everyone what you can do!”