West High alumni comes back to make a change


Natalie Mangskau, News Editor

Alex Martin Del Campo, a 2013 West High graduate, returns back to his former high school to create change as the Community Leader at One Day At a Time (ODAT), a youth empowerment program.

ODAT is a school linked program which helps youth reach their individual success and growth.

Growing up, Del Campo was faced with the adversity of the labels and difficulties like many of the youth today. He was left with the choice of what to do with his future and life. “One Day At a Time has given me the opportunity, that I got that extra chance where somebody actually believed in me,” Del Campo said.  Through ODAT, Del Campo was able to further his individual growth as a person and work towards his goals.

Community service hours, weekend camp trips and a trip to Ireland are just a few activities ODAT participates in. The program is heavily involved in the community, often taking part in activities which bring joy to the people of Tracy and beyond.

“I don’t like giving up on people because people gave up on me” Del Campo says. ODAT gives a second chance for anyone who is willing to take it, a fresh start in a new direction and pathway in life. Opportunities for knowledge are limitless in this program as it provides empowerment conferences and teachings from fellow mentors and leaders.

ODAT is a second family, a group of acceptance where no matter of your past, stigmas or labels you are welcomed. Come to the first ODAT meeting is October 16th, meeting every Tuesday from 3:10-5:00pm

Contact information: [email protected]