West vs. Granada, a warmup for the volleyball season


Natalie Mangskau, News Editor

As the 2018-2019 school year begins, the Varsity girls’ volleyball ball team makes their debut game of the season against Granada High School.

Granada skimmed the first two sets with a 2-3 point win. West took the third set, scoring seven points above their competitor, but ultimately lost the fourth set giving the win of the night to Granada High.

Senior Shkinah Tindsley showed her strength in the game, especially when the team was in a tight spot. With her powerful spikes, she was able to even the score during the ever-changing game. Other strong players of the night were sophomore Lauren Toon and junior Veronica Siu who were able to do some quick second saves and included fantastic plays aided by the team.

Teamwork is the core value of volleyball, as these girls showed nothing but dedication and commitment. It was clear that without the cooperation amongst the team, none of these plays or points would even be possible.

The crowd was energetic and the players were determined. Every point, block and save was met with thundering cheers that never ceased through the whole night.  Come watch and support the Varsity girls’ volleyball as they begin to prepare for their league games.