Yearbook wins award for picture perfect theme concept


Jasjot Kaur, Copy & Features Editor

This summer, members of our yearbook class attended a summer yearbook camp, Yearbook NCA, at University of the Pacific in Stockton. Here four students, seniors Jaqueline Estrada and Hannah Borges, juniors Erin Mendoza and Antonia Ortiz and yearbook teacher Leslie McCoy, representing West High’s yearbook class competed against twenty-four other schools and won first place for their theme concept award.

Throughout the duration of four days, the students attending the conference received feedback from advisors of various camps who create award winning yearbooks themselves. On the last day of the conference, awards are given out for multiple categories, theme/concept being one of them.

When asked what the winning theme had been, Editor-In-Chief Estrada, shared that we will just have to wait and see as it confidential because the concept that had won will be used for this 2018-2019 school year’s yearbook.

Unlike previous years, the yearbook staff had ideas prepared for camp and didn’t have to work from scratch. Process wise, inspiration for the yearbooks come from viewing multiple commercials, magazines and newspapers, or in simpler terms as mentioned by Editor Ortiz, “anything with a slogan that can relate to West High.” Estrada felt their preparation and consistence in their theme were great factors in winning the award saying how, “We went in knowing what we wanted and it worked out really well.”

What they can share about this year’s yearbook is that it will be different as it is a chron book. A chron book is based of weeks and Ortiz feels like students will enjoy this set-up more as “…this way we’ll know what’s going on every week and get a greater variety of pictures.”

For anyone looking to still buy a yearbook, they are $85 and can be purchased online at the ASB store or at the bookkeeper.