Meet the new members of the ‘Pack


Jasjot Kaur, Copy & Features Editor

Ms. Jones

New to West High, Ms. Jacie Jones teaches U.S. History and the elective Social Psychology. Having previously been a middle school teacher, this is Jones’ first year teaching high school. She finds it, “So nice to be with a group of older young adults.” According to Jones, the best part of teaching is having students grasp a new, difficult subject and truly understand the concept being taught. Jones’ seventh grade history teacher had been her inspiration to pursue teaching saying, “His enthusiasm and love of the subject made me want to be a part of the same thing.” In terms of bringing new aspects to West High, Jones said her classroom is more of a community where she hopes students are comfortable and able to collaborate with her. Jones’ goals for this school year include getting to know her students and building connections. She wants her students to know, “I care about their success and want to see them reach that success.”

Ms. Wolk

Ms. Susan Wolk is the newest addition to West High’s music program. Wolk teaches Piano, Advanced Choir and Beginning Choir. Although having taught high school in previous years, she is currently switching from teaching in middle school. For Wolk, the best part of teaching is seeing the development and progress of her students from freshman to senior year. When asked about what new aspects she can bring to West High, Wolk mentioned enthusiasm and excitement as well as the ability to “broaden the horizons of beginner choir students.” In terms of goals for the school year, Wolk would like for Advanced Choir to participate in as many community events as possible, Beginning Choir to learn to read music and for piano students to compose a blues song. Some words she had for her students were, “If you commit to it, there will be rewards.”

Mr. Barnes

Also new to West High, Mr. Tim Barnes teaches U.S. History and English Learners U.S. History. Barnes finds teaching at a new school exciting and enjoys the diverse community of West High. When asked why he started teaching Barnes said, “I wanted to create better informed citizens.” He noticed how voter participation is low in the United States and found that best way to inform those voters was to teach. Barnes mentions how he has learned all his students’ names in the first week and aims to get comfortable in his environment this year and make West High his home. Barnes said his passion for the Social Studies is what he is bringing to West, mentioning how the area is often overlooked yet fundamental as it doesn’t “…teach students what to think, but how to think.” For Barnes, the best part of teaching is the “ah-ha” moment when something finally clicks for students.