Fall Sports Overview

Fall Sports Overview

Andrea Rivera, Sports Editor


This year senior Vanna Marquez, who plays setter, libero and an outside hitter for West High’s girls volleyball team, is looking forward to attempting “to win league and growing as a team.” Marquez is expecting to see many different personality traits due to the individual players’ levels of expertise in the sport. However, Marquez says, “If we all take responsibility in our roles and do what needs to be done we can overcome our differences.”


Junior Arturo Zaragoza who plays guard and end is looking forward to “winning more games and bonding.” When asked how he and his team will accomplish their goals to win, Zaragoza said, “By practicing and putting in the effort.”

Cross Country

Senior Paul Garin, varsity cross country runner co-captain, is excited to see, “improved times and just having fun with it.” Garin expects the team to grow and “do better at competitions.” Garin will achieve these goals by “attending practice every day, giving full effort and having a positive attitude.”


Junior Laasya Gadamsetti is looking forward to “playing a lot of matches” and “spending time with teammates because we have a much bigger team this year.” Gadamsetti, like many athletes, is hoping “to be better than last season especially with more players.” The team has been playing many preseason matches against higher level teams to improve since last year’s record. Gadamsetti will achieve her expectations by “going to practice, having a good mindset and playing to win not to just stay in the game.”

Water polo

Senior and team captain, Clare Lawlor, plays all positions is expecting to play “new teams and beat the stronger teams that we have beat the past few years.” As a team Lawlor is hoping they get first place in their “tournament in September and to beat the stronger teams in the league.” Lawlor wants to achieve these goals by “working harder and practicing every day.”