Sweet start to the SEA school year

Jada Hallman, Editor-in-Chief

The Space and Engineering Academy (SEA) of West High places great importance on academics, aspirations and friendship. Members of the Academy have the opportunity to take classes with emphasis in science, mathematics and technology while being surrounded by other students who share similar passions. August 31 saw the first of many bonding activities exclusive to SEA students, the SEA ice cream social, and it was an unforgettably sweet success.

The event opened up doors for students to make new friends and bond through fun games and tasty treats. Planned as a “get-to-know-you event,” the ice cream social aimed to showcase features of the academy in a comfortable and fun atmosphere for friends to hang out. “We like bringing every one together in one place… it’s very relaxed and fun,” said SEA Vice President junior Jaekob Borges. 

Students ranging from freshmen to seniors attended the event, having fun mingling with others outside of their grade levels. “It gave me a chance to connect a bit more with the juniors of SEA and solidify prior friendships, but I also met a few freshmen and had fun with them,” said sophomore Seemani Dash. “My favorite part was watching the Vice Presidents and a few others play Machi Koro and just laughing with them.”

For the upcoming school year, the Academy hopes to organize more events like the ice cream social and guarantee that these events do not conflict with students’ schedules. “We want students to get more involved,” said SEA President senior Ethan Millar. “We want to make sure all students have equal opportunity to enjoy all events and schedule them so everyone can come.” 

Whether you are new to the Academy or have been a part of it for four years, the Space and Engineering Academy fosters an encouraging and supportive environment for kids to meet new friends, find new passions and learn in an interactive, exciting way. Adding ice cream to the mix is just the cherry on top.