One lunch: the pros and cons

Andrea Rivera, Sports Editor

This school year West High has endured many changes from schedules, to classrooms and the most noticed the one lunch for students and teachers the additional five minutes added at the end of each day to accommodate the required amount of school time.


To every change and decisions made here at West, we see many pros and cons. Senior Christian Valle believes, “lunch is longer and you are able to enjoy it with whoever you want…” One lunch does offer intriguing qualities such as the ability to see anyone and we are given an extra five minutes. Clubs that meet during lunch are also able to include everyone and not have separate meetings. Speaking to the Tracy Press, Principal Zachary Boswell, Ed.D. said, “The goal is to make it easier for students to meet with their teachers and for teachers to collaborate with each other– and hopefully to cut back on students missing class.”


However, some strongly believe this one lunch was not the smartest idea and have begun to wonder if the one lunch is a good idea. Senior Michael Funes-Solis said, “There are a lot of people at one lunch creating big crowds that you can’t really walk through. As well as there have already been multiple fights.” Overtime all changes will become normal to us and we as a whole will come to accept the adjustments.


Pros: Cons:
· Clubs can meet during lunches · 5 minute longer school day
· Friends can eat lunch all together · Crowded areas make finding a seat difficult
· 5 minute longer lunch · Longer lunch lines
· More places to buy lunch · More traffic leaving campus during lunch