Mr. Haim accepts new job


Galilea Avina, Opinion Editor

Mr. Tom Haim, a former Social Studies teacher for twenty-one years at West High has accepted a job as a “teacher on special assignment” (TOSA) as he put it. Haim explained “it’s a new position we’ve never really had before.” His job’s focus is on curriculum development and “…in particular EL [English Language] learners. From students who have just arrived from another country to student that have been here a number of years and are transitioning from EL classes to regular CP classes.” Most of his job focuses on supporting teachers. Haim walks into classes during the day and watches how teachers work and later discusses improvements or design lessons with them. “That’s more of an individual type way of doing it. I also do it as a team where I have a number of teachers come together, and we plan out and talk about lessons and we go watch each other teach. I also do presentations in the Monday meetings.” Haim believes that there should be shared leadership throughout teachers for benefit of the students. He is also a big advocate for the English Language Learners (ELL) and tries to “make sure that they have access to great education and opportunity.”


Haim said that he does miss the bond with his students and being able to get close to West High’s students. “After twenty years, it is kind of weird. It used to be a set schedule from first to sixth period. Now it varies from hour to hour. It’s a different type of interaction.” After being asked if any of the transitions have been easy, Haim said, “It’s been a good challenge. I definitely liked the grind of grading one hundred and something papers. I just appreciate that much more of what teachers do.”


Haim also has a need to make a great impact on the students of West High. “I’m really hoping that there will be an opportunity to make an even greater difference in your lives as support for students; number one, as well as colleagues.”


This job brought along opportunities such as helping freshman with the BRIDGE program “…which is an academic and just school support for incoming ninth graders, and we’ve got an afterschool tutoring and support system for them” as well as the after school seminar with Behnam with freshmen.


As for how Haim feels in his new position is “definitely excited but also it’s still a work in progress.” Haim has shown great love for his new position and working with a wider range of students and hopes to make a bigger impact in West High community.