West High area renovations


Galilea Avina, News Editor

P building bathrooms

This has been a long-time coming according to senior Jada Hallman’s story last year. To many students who have a class in the P buildings, they are now glad that the bathrooms are open. Junior Danika Mohan said, “I’m actually very happy that they’re open since you don’t have to go all the way across campus to use the restrooms. It’s also one of the best bathrooms at West.” It’s a relief to sophomore George Alcala who said, “I’m actually really glad since last year I had to go all the way to the MS bathrooms.”

This bathroom had been formerly known by students for its graffiti in the in the interior. Now, thanks to the remodeling, the walls were redone and a mirror was added.


Lane fix on Lowell Ave.

There are still three lanes on this street; the only difference is that the lane that used to go straight now has an arrow designating it to go left, meaning there are two lanes to turn left and only one lane to go straight as well as turn right. This has created frustration because if there is a car behind someone who is going straight and they need to go right, the person needing to go right has to wait for the light to turn green to then proceed right. Most juniors and seniors get their off-campus pass at the beginning of the year to get food besides school lunch. These upperclassmen know the struggle of having to rush to and from a restaurant to get back to class on time. There is also rush hour at after school when parents are picking up their kids and students are trying to get home. Senior Ryan Lamas said, “As a driver it’s kinda annoying especially since there’s just so much traffic right when school ends. It just creates unnecessary frustration on my end.”


Upstairs MS classrooms

  • Carpets were replaced during the summer.
  • Walls were repainted
  • The walls’ borders were redone.
  • In classrooms with lab stations, the floor tile was replaced as well.

With all of West High’s renovations, let’s keep West at its best.