Denham vs. Harder: our vote matters

Who is running?

Tracy is located in California’s 10th Congressional district. The candidates running are Josh Harder (D) and Jeff Denham (R) who is our current congressman. Jeff Denham is serving his fourth year in congress for our district.

What is Congress?

Congress is located in the legislative branch of our government. Congress’s primary job is to make laws for our country. Other duties include declaring war, raising money, trying and impeaching federal officials, approving presidential appointments and approving treaties by the executive branch.

What are they doing for the students?

Both campaign offices were contacted via email and asked what they plan to do for the students if (re)elected. Harder’s campaign said, “To make college and technical training programs more affordable and accessible in the Valley, including by fighting for tuition-free community and technical training.” Denham’s campaign has yet to respond.

What are they doing for cities like Tracy?

Both candidates address the reoccurring water issue that affect an agricultural city such as Tracy. According to Denham’s website he has been able to improve the “state’s long-term climate for agriculture and business by working to expand water storage.” Harder, a newcomer to the political field hopes to help the agricultural cities with one of these methods such as “Invest in water efficiency by providing tax incentives for farmers to buy micro irrigation drips… to decrease water usage while increasing production.”

Why your vote matters.

Even if only a few students are eligible to vote right now it is important as a citizen to be part of the politics that affect the daily life of the state and country. Become active in the country’s decisions by making your voice heard through the election polls and educated by knowing what these candidates believe in for the community.

When is the election?

November 6, 2018. Pick up a paper voter registration or fill out the information online through