Robots are the future


Qudsi Alijabiri (left) Phillip Ha (right) Photo by Manasvini Kala

Hannah Dominguez, Staff Reporter

Building is the robots is mainly trial and error and takes a lot time. Members will typically start off
with detailed plans on what parts they will use and how they will assemble their robots.
However, when the building process begins, more often than not, the members must change what
they had originally planned. This is due to the availability of specific parts or unexpected results
of the robots function. The members have a standardized set of parts that they use to build their
robots. The meetings are serious and primarily focused on robotics but the members do like to
plan fun activities. The robotics competitions consist of several qualifying matches which the
members compete in. Each match typically lasts three minutes long and contains a ten second
autonomous period where the members are allowed to use any specialties  their robot may have.
The series of matches involve eliminations, quarter finals, semi finals, finals, state, world and the
team that wins takes the title of world champions.

Each year the objective of the game changes. Last year’s competition required the robots to be
able to efficiently stack cones. This year, the robots will be judged based on their accuracy of
throwing balls toward flags, driving on top of different surfaces and lifting as well as placing
different objects in a certain spot. One positive about robotics club, according to senior Michael
Dubie, the secretary of Robotics, is that the club, “will help you prepare for your career if you want to go into robotics
engineering.” Members are able to expand their knowledge in robotics and engineering and
improve performance in competitions from previous years. The club encourages creativity and
hands-on building from members and hopes to excel in competitions this year.

If you’re interested in robotics and enjoy building, then consider partaking in the robotics club
competitions. The club holds meetings in T-7 on Wednesdays and Fridays after school from
3-6pm. During these club meetings, members focus on assembling and testing their robots. The
room also has a test field that allows the members to test their
robots for upcoming competitions. The only requirement for joining the club is that members
must pay a $60 fee that goes towards buying parts for their robot. Previous experience on robots is not needed to join, but it is appreciated.