West takes home the W for Homecoming game


Andrea Rivera

West Varsity players walk confidently on their home field, ready to take home the Homecoming win

Andrea Rivera, Sports Editor

An exhilarating day began when the bell struck 1:55 pm. Everyone hustled and bustled to their cars to make it downtown to watch the beautiful floats built by our own students and hear the marching band play their dazzling music. However, no one knew how intense and exciting the game that was about to happen would be.

Coming off a devastating loss to St.Mary’s, senior Mekhi Thompson said to prepare for this game, the football players “focused on getting all the kinks out from the last game. We’re planning on being more aggressive and angry this game.” With excitement in the air, senior Armando Ramirez also had to say, “I’m excited about the whole Homecoming week and winning… it’s Homecoming and we need to win and make our school proud.”

Head Coach Steve Wichman had the players working on repetition on plays, keeping the players focused and motivated to win. When asked what he hoped to achieve for the game Wichman said, “Ultimately for this game we would like to get a victory because it’s Homecoming and also the 20th reunion for the class of ’98… It would be nice to get a victory in front of our alumni and supporters.”

With tensions high in the air and the players wanting to prove themselves to the school, the first quarter showed much potential. The first touchdown went to Tokay, but soon after, West’s junior Elijah McKnight scored with 5 minutes and 59 seconds on the clock, bringing the crowd to their feet. With Tokay having possession, the ball was intercepted, giving the Wolf Pack control and the ability for senior Ethan Casados to score another touchdown at a minute and 35 seconds. Quarter two arrived in a heap of glory with three touchdowns scored by junior Joshua Bolden, McKnight and with nine seconds on the clock, junior T.J. Williams scored the last touchdown, going into halftime West 34-Tokay 6.

During halftime, the crowd went wild as the Homecoming court walked down the glorious red carpet to announce king and queen (see video here). The king was announced first with a prick to the balloon, and gold glitter flew from senior Aaron Brown’s balloon indicating he had won. As the ladies lined up in front, nerves swept through the air and yet another stab to a balloon sent gold glitter shimmering through the air, announcing senior Jalen Ervin as our Homecoming queen. Halftime continued with spectacular performances by the dance team, boys’ powderpuff team and girls cheer team.

Returning from the locker room with more energy and anger to score, West entered third quarter only to have a touchdown scored at eight minutes and 23 seconds by senior Adam Castellano. Later on, the quarter finished off with a touchdown made by junior Rasheed Hunter with three minutes and 35 seconds left on the clock. Although the Pack was clearly in the lead, their newfound spunk was not lost going into the final quarter. Quickly the Pack took possession of the ball, and at 8 minutes and 5 seconds, our final touchdown was conquered by senior Kyle Alexander concluding the score West 55, Tokay 28. Congratulations to the Wolf Pack on their successful Homecoming week win and fascinating new spirit.