Join West High’s aca-mazing A Cappella Club!


Ms. Wolk and the A Capella Club Photo by Samantha Elopre

Samantha Elopre, Staff Reporter

Having a hard time branching out on campus? Need more people to hang out with after class or catch lunch with? Do you want to see what other clubs are like? Join West High’s A Cappella Club. They interact with several other organizations on campus and in the area around our school. A lot of times, other clubs will invite a cappella groups to perform at functions they’re holding, which gives you a chance to check out what being in that club is like. So, when you come around and feel like joining clubs, you’ll already know people from when you worked with them with your a cappella group!

You still might not jump at the first opportunity to sing alone or in a public setting but know that choir has been a safe environment where every voice and person is accepted and integrated, which is what makes them so successful. “No music background is required to join the club. We encourage all kids to join so they have a chance to learn about singing,” said senior Holly Simoskevitz. The club is a great opportunity for those who weren’t able to take a music class because of schedule confliction. Senior Alejandra “Lollie” Harvey said, “We’ll be singing mashups of songs like Pitch Perfect, but we won’t be breaking out into song and dance as they do.” Joining the a cappella club can teach vocal and dancing coordination and important group skills which would help benefit anyone entering a field in performing arts. Most universities have choir and singing groups also (you don’t have to be a music major) but just having the background is a big plus. Therefore, you would already be a step ahead if you want to further your singing career. Participation in A Cappella club demonstrates teamwork, focus and dedication – all of which are valuable traits for college applicants in the near future.

Anyone and everyone can join A Cappella Club by talking to Ms. Wolk, West High’s new piano and choir teacher, in K-3. Meetings are held on Fridays during lunch in K-3 and everyone is welcome to eat in there and enjoy their theatrical persona. Singing is something you can carry with you for years and if you love it, keep it up and jump at every opportunity to thrive!