Rest in peace Mac Miller: Music Review


Simran Sandhu, Staff Reporter

Swimming, the last studio album made by the late Mac Miller, is an emotional masterpiece, reflecting on Mac and his personal feelings.

The album was released August 3, 2018 which peaked at #2 on the Billboard top 100. Mac keeps the album simple, yet beautiful and versatile in its own way. He uses his sadness as a creative outlet instead of letting it consume him. The album differs from all of his other projects, like Blue Slide Park, Macadelio and Watching Movies With The Sound Off  because of how he does a lot more singing on this album, and frankly, he sounds amazing while doing so. Initially when Swimming released, it had already brought me to tears, but when Mac passed away September 7 2018, all of the songs just started hurting that much more. Miller was different than other celebrities, he didn’t make a spectacle of himself, he didn’t have to say anything controversial to reach fame. He used hard work and pure talent. My personal favorites off of the album are “2009,” “Come Back To Earth,” “Hurt Feelings,” “Perfecto,” “Self Care” and “Ladders”. When news of Mac’s untimely passing came out, many celebrities shared their pain on social media. Rest in Peace Mac. Your legacy will live on forever.