Fun ways to stay entertained during break


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Hannah Borges, Staff Reporter

As we gradually move towards the holidays, mid-terms and cooler temperatures, winter break approaches. From December 21 through January 7, we can finally turn off our 6:30am alarms, embrace the comfort of our families, go on vacations or enjoy ourselves at home. After studying long and hard (hopefully) for our mid-terms and finishing off the semester, we finally get to relax and start our long and overdue winter break. Not only can we look forward to Christmas but also the start of a new year. To our seniors, we have already completed almost five months of school and have about five months to go.

Sometimes during break, we can’t always be occupied or entertained every day. Maybe you have one trip with your family but have more relaxing stay at home kind of days. If so, here are some simple and fun ideas that you and even a friend can do to stay entertained without leaving the comfort of your home.

One thing you can do at home is build a gingerbread house. It’s a creative and festive way to get into the Christmas spirit while still being cheap and affordable. You can always buy a gingerbread house kit at Safeway, Costco, Target or Walmart during this time of year. The price can range from ten dollars to about fifteen dollars.

Have a movie marathon with a bunch of friends or family members. Hop on Netflix, rent a movie or watch Freeform’s 25 Days of Christmas specials. If you’re interested in a Christmas movie, my favorites are: A Christmas Story (one of the classics), Elf, The Grinch and Christmas Vacation. These heartwarming and hilarious Christmas films are sure to get you in the spirit or make you laugh.

Put your phone down and socialize with family and friends. Sometimes we can get caught up in our phones and not interact with one another. The holidays are about family and spending time with the ones you love. If you aren’t a social person, then do something good for yourself and exercise. It doesn’t have to involve running, getting up and out of bed and taking a walk is exercise as well.

Although the holidays can be stressful and before you know it, winter break will be over and you’ll be setting your alarms once again. It’s nice getting time to spend with your family while having a break from school as well. I hope these few and simple things over break will help you stay entertained and that you enjoy your winter break!