New club empowers women


Cristopher Marin, Staff Reporter

If you’re interested in talking about women’s rights, feminist movements, women empowerment and the mistreatment/harassment of women in society then come join the Women Empowerment Club in T1. Listen during the school bulletin to know which days the club meets up. This Women Empowerment Club is a safe haven for any woman who feels mistreated or harassed at school. “We want to make girls feel safe, comfortable, empowered and confident,” senior Jacqueline Estrada. The club is still developing and any student can bring their own ideas to help expand the club. Women empowerment is not just a club but a support group.

What does women empowerment mean? Women empowerment means the ability for a women to obtain their own control of their lives from their own resources, assets, income and their own time. The Women Empowerment Club began because of an event during the summer at Summer Bridge Program. A group of students who attended Summer Bridge witnessed harassment from another male student. The club began because someone made sexist remarks to a girl and offended a vast majority of people.  A group of women and with the help of the Spanish teacher Dr. Catalina Olvera discussed how and what they can do to prevent situations like this.

The club is open to any gender, race and sexuality. Any boy who would like to attend the club would be happily greeted. It would show a strong message if boys attended the club and would show that women are not alone. Attending the meetings can be very interesting. Students can listen to other people speak about why they became a feminist and what events led them to be one.

Jacqueline Estrada gave speeches to the club about the idea of feminism and what it means to be a feminist. Women for centuries have been exposed to the cruel treatment and harassment from men. Thousands of women have their own story to tell and students can listen and learn how to prevent them at Women Empowerment Club. The club believes that no young girl should be exposed to such harassment. Women have since been fighting for equal pay, equality and have witnessed discrimination throughout the years.

If you’d like to be a part of Women Empowerment  Club, come to meetings held in T-1.