Scholarship money waits for you

Cristopher Marin, Staff Reporter

Seniors and juniors should apply to as many scholarships as they can as scholarships help provide opportunities for students who don’t have the resources or funds to go to college. They can provide students with financial support and help to pay their tuition when going to a UC, CSU or community college. The money from these scholarships can be used to pay their school expenses. There are many ways to obtain a school scholarship. It’s important to start early and know the requirements for qualification! Students can join the Career Center’s Remind, an app for reminders, for news and scholarships that are available. With the website they can sign up and be informed of the available scholarships.

If you’re wondering what you can do for scholarships, there are many websites that will lead you through the steps of applying for a scholarship, such as Applying can be really easy. All you have to do is to visit as many scholarship websites you can that fit your qualities and follow the instructions on how to apply. These local scholarships can provide seniors and juniors sufficient financial aid. Before applying to these programs, read through the requirements and apply if you’re eligible.

Being active in your community and school can also benefit you in finding scholarships. Activities such as playing a sport, being involved in music and attending community service all can help provide scholarships for juniors and seniors. If you are a senior student athlete apply to BigSun Scholarship at http:/

Students also have to be responsible and check the criteria for scholarships they apply to. Some scholarships will require students to have a GPA in a certain range.  Others check your financial aid. GPA requirements differ with different scholarships. It is important to read the websites before applying. Community service is a key requirement for many scholarships. It is recommended for students to have certain hours of community service.

There are different scholarships provided from clubs. Brighter Christmas, Lion’s club, Hispanic business club, etc. all are programs that can provide scholarships for students. Sign up early to as many scholarships you can. “Apply to as many scholarships you can because you never know what you can get in to,” Guidance Counselor Ms. Laurie Tomlin’s advice for juniors and seniors. It is important to apply before the programs deadline because they can be missed opportunities.

If seniors or juniors are looking to find scholarships, they can visit the career center to pick up papers that provide scholarships available in 2019. Scholarships that are available in 2019 are: Zombie Apocalypse scholarship, Coca-Cola Scholarship, Good Tiding Community Service Scholarship, Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship, Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship, CSF, Snaps for College Cash Sweepstakes, Alert1 Student for Seniors Scholarship, San Joaquin Engineers Council Scholarship, FIDM National scholarship Competition, B. Davis Scholarship and the BigSun Scholarship. This is all provided in the career center with Ms. Gayle Jackson.  Apply as soon as possible and see what you can get in to.