West High music students showcase their talents in the Winter Concert


Photo by Manasvini Kala Advanced and Beginning choir

Manasvini Kala, Staff Reporter

The West High Winter Concert has come this year! This is an annual event where more than 200 music students showcase their talent. This concert has all groups of music students: Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, Orchestra and Choir. Each and every one of these groups brought us a wonderfully harmonized Winter Concert.

The first group that performed was the Concert Band, a group of approximately 35 students. Their first song was called “Infinite Horizon” which was a fantastic, fanfare song. The band played other pieces such as “Blue Ridge Reel” and “Rampage.” As said by Mr. Jonathan Raman, West High’s Music teacher, the “Blue Ridge Reel” is a “little bluesy and country style” song. The piece called “Rampage” was “very fast and exciting” and was performed by both Symphonic and Concert Band.

The next group that played in the concert was solely the Symphonic Band. This is one of their biggest groups containing close to 44 dedicated students. One of their pieces was called “First Suite in E-flat,” composed by a British composer named Holst. “That’s kind of [a] very challenging [song] and we are doing only one movement of three movements. It’s a ten-minute long piece, but we are only doing one of those. It’s a challenging piece. It’s really fun,” said Raman. Another of the concert’s amazing song is “Rumble on the High Plains.” This song is an aggressive piece which mostly featured the percussion instruments (drums). The last song, “King Cotton,” was performed by the Marching Band and Color Guard.

The third group that performed in the concert was Choir. This year, West High’s Choir performed many songs for the audience which fall under the Christmas theme. This group of students first started off with the Beginning Choir performing “Carol of the Bells,” followed by “Hark the Herald Angels Sing on the High” and “Winter Wonderland.” Next, the Advanced Choir took the stage and sang three Christmas songs as well. The first song they performed was “Ding Dong Merrily on High.” Next, they sang “A Friend in Winter” and a very famous Christmas carol called “Dashing Through the Snow.” The Beginning and Advanced Choirs joined together as one big group and sang a traditional South African song called “Tshotsolotza.” For these songs, the Choir performed with the piano which was played by the students in the new piano class. The Choir performed for us beautiful harmonies which brought some Christmas spirit for the audience.

In this wonderful concert, the Orchestra, a group of about 41 students, played several songs. One of their songs was called “Asturias.” According to Raman, “it’s a very challenging piece.” Another song was called “Rhosymedre,” a famous song composed by Ralph Vaughan Williams. The Orchestra played an additional song called “Brandeburg Concerto, No.3” which was written by the classical composer, J.S. Bach.  A very famous melody from the Nutcracker Ballet called “Danse russe Trépak” was also played by West High’s Orchestra and Symphonic Band students.

The Jazz Ensemble was also another group of about 44 students. The West High Jazz played three jazzy songs to entertain the audience. One of their songs was called “Panic Button,” a very funky Jazz song.  Another song the Jazz Ensemble performed was “Low Down, Slow Down Blues,” which was written by Paul Clark. “Arnge Drank” was performed by all the students while  “I Remember Clifford” was performed by advanced band, a tribute to the late Jazz trumpeter Roy Hargrove and a solo performed by senior Michael Dubie on the flugelhorn.

The Winter Concert turned out to be a very successful concert just like every year. West High awaits for the music students to showcase their amazing musical talents and dedication more often. Great job West High Music students!