Show Stoppers: West High’s 5th annual lip sync showcase


Junior Osvaldo “Ozzy” Limon

Hannah Borges, Staff Reporter

On January 17 and 18, West High’s Drama department hosted their 5th annual Lip Sync Showcase. Wicked West Productions held this event open to all West High students who wanted to audition and participate. Every performance had to showcase six shows during school for two days, and another evening show after school for both days. Students worked hard choreographing their own dance moves and choosing the costume designs that best represented their artist and their song. The songs ranged from ABBA’s Mamma Mia, Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance, Ariana Grande’s thank u next and Bruno Mars’s Finesse 

Students had been prepping since December and had practiced in class and after school as much as they could. Tech Theater students also had a huge role in this production. Tech had to program the lights and sound in the sound booth so that each set would match the performance. This year, the audience was accompanied by hosts seniors Alana Toon and Joseph Castellucio. The hosts’ job was to introduce the performances while interacting with the audience.  

A jaw dropping performance was given by junior Osvaldo “Ozzy” Limon, who portrayed Lady Gaga and her song Bad Romance. Limon wore a white wig, knee-high boots and a dazzling gold and black leotard. This was Limon’s first year in Ms. Christine Welk’s Beginning Drama class. Limon explained how in Beginning Drama, they do a Lip Sync unit where they are required to perform in front of their class.  “I did Call Me by Blondie [for the Lip Sync unit],” explained Limon. “I figured since I had already done drag, I should do it in the show case.” It’s hard to overcome your fears and perform in front of the entire school, but if you’re having fun while doing it, it isn’t bad at all. Limon recommends other students try out for the Lip Sync. “It is a big process, but you get to make new friends and entertain people,” he says. 

This year, Wicked West Productions gave an unforgettable show with entertaining and talented performances given by all students. Students gave each performance a unique style of their own which enhanced the joy of watching it. If you want to try to do the Lip Sync next year, then go for it! You will get to work with talented and motivating kids who just go out to have a good time.