Music Review: i am > i was


Hannah Dominguez, Staff Reporter

21 Savage released his album i am > i was on December 21, 2018 after saying he forgot to drop the album which was originally supposed to be released on December 7. In an interview with Genius, he describes the significance of the albums’ title and how it relates to his experience with personal growth since his time growing up in Atlanta (originally from the UK). The album has 16 tracks and features several different artists such as J. Cole, Post Malone and Travis Scott. My favorite tracks on the album are “ball w/o you”, “letter 2 my momma” and “all my friends”.

The song “all my friends” focuses on experiences with people after becoming famous and how it is “hard to tell the real from the fake.” In “ball w/o you”, 21 conveys his feelings about a relationship and his struggles with love and loyalty. In the song he says, “I’d rather have loyalty than love… see love is just a feeling… loyalty is an action.” He explains how people use love as an excuse to cause pain, but a loyal person would never do something to hurt the person they are loyal to. In “letter 2 my momma,” 21 expresses his gratitude toward his mother for everything she has done for him. In the song he says, “ It’s a hard job, but women raise men too,” giving his mother credit for raising him as a single parent. He discusses how she always made sure to provide for him and now he is able to care for her. I would rate this album four out of five paws and recommend it to anyone who enjoys listening to rap music.