West shoots their shot


Andrea Rivera, Sports Editor and Opinion Editor

Last week, West took on our crosstown rival Tracy High. Slam Jam began with a spirit week full of a fun-filled theme surrounding Travis Scott’s newest album Astroworld, and a glow in the dark rally on Thursday February 7. Many exceptional performances by clubs got the school excited for the game to come. On Friday February 8, as the gym packed up the crowd filled with excitement, the ball was tipped off to Tracy for the first quarter. Points scored by both teams eager to win the game ended the first quarter at 24-17 Tracy and second quarter 42-30 Tracy.

Still the crowd on both sides rallied together for a halftime show with flips, turns and tosses from both the cheer and dance teams and was followed by an electrifying performance by the pep band. The final two quarters were just as intense as the first two. Although the game ended with the score 81-55 Tracy, West came out in the end with the most spirit for our team.