Project Smile’s Kindness Week: Spreading smiles one cupcake at a time

Hannah Borges, Staff Reporter

From March 4 through 8, Project Smile hosted their second annual Kindness Week. Kindness week allowed the club to demonstrate acts of kindness to other students that would encourage them to do the same.

Monday was a day to chalk positive remarks on campus but was delayed due to the weather. Tuesday, Project Smile provided a “Take What you Need” wall near the back door of the library. The wall consisted of positive messages, little drawings and motivational sayings on sticky notes that students could grab off the wall. On Wednesday, the club distributed mini cupcakes around campus during lunch along with a small positive message on paper. Thursday, they wrote confident-boosting sayings such as “Nice ‘fit” and “Hey cutie” on the bathroom mirrors on campus. They also placed soaps in the bathrooms as well. On Friday, white carnation flowers were placed on every single windshield of students’ and staff members’ cars in the parking lot.  

Project Smile wants to add a little more kindness in the world but would like to start off with West High’s campus. Senior Sumeer Malik says, “The main goal of Project Smile is to demonstrate the impact of creating a positive environment.” By creating a positive environment, members hope that students will also try do it themselves. “I believe Project Smile benefits our school and students by showcasing that a positive environment can lift the spirits of others,” added Malik. Overall, Project Smile filled West High’s campus with positivity, laughter and smiles.  

Project Smile has meetings every Wednesday during lunch in MS15. During meetings they discuss upcoming events that are planned and brainstorm ideas for potential future events that will help spread happiness to the students at West High. The door is always open for Project Smile newcomers and they encourage you to come!