BSU’s first Black History Month door decorating


Samantha Elopre, Staff Reporter

West High’s BSU (Black Student Union) hosted its first ever door decorating competition for Black History month, and it was an absolute success! The contest was held in February and the judging happened on February 26. The contestants were given the opportunity to creatively construct a poster that represented what black history month meant to them. The purpose of the door competition was to get more people to be educated, do research and participate in black history month activities.

Ms. Audrey Harrison, West High Principal’s Secretary, along with the three other judges Ms. Marsha Holloway, Mr. and Ms. Alexander from Tracy African American Association (TAAA) judged each poster by looking if the poster was educational, creative and its overall presentation. The posters were split into two categories for judging, the art classes and the non-art classes for an equal opportunity in the competition.

Ms. Susie Kim (G12) and Ms. Anne Duff (MS15) won BSU’s first black history month door decoration contest with their empowering and amazing illustrations. Harrison quotes “I think it went very well; he posters were lovely and exciting.” BSU plans on continuing this contest for at least five more years and hope to bring more people together to participate. Anyone and everyone is welcomed to join BSU and great job to all contestants for participating!