Harverd Dropout


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Simran Sandhu, Staff Reporter

Gazzy Garcia, better known as “Lil Pump”, first started releasing music on the streaming app SoundCloud. Pump and a few other artists created a new style of rap, Mumble Rap, which is looked down upon by most old-fashioned artists but appreciated by the younger generation. Two years after gaining a large following and attention from the media after releasing his self-titled debut album which is now certified gold, Pump released his second studio album, Harverd Dropout on February 22, 2019. The title was inspired by a social media joke and trend that started when someone said that Pump attended Harvard and went viral.

Lil Pump also started joking about going to Harvard University and started posting pictures of himself wearing a Harvard coat; he even went as far as to naming his whole album after the social media joke. Pump’s persona is ignorant, immature, funny and blatantly stupid, which is why people gravitate to him. He is only 18 years old and has already collaborated with big names in the industry such as Kanye West. He also has a handful of platinum singles and albums under his belt, such as Boss, Gucci Gang, I Love It and Arms Around You.

Pumps second album consists of 16 songs and features Kanye West, Offset, Quavo, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Wayne, YG, 2 Chainz and SP. A few of my favorites off of the new album would have to be “Drop Out,” “Racks on Racks,” and “Be Like Me,” because of how catchy they are. Drop Out has a very bass-boosted beat and during it, Pump explains his success since dropping out from highschool however he does not encourage others to do so, at the end of the song he goes, “Stay in school kids.” During the tracks, “Racks on Racks,” and “Be Like Me,” Pump raps about his wealth and how everyone wants to be like him to the point where they copy his looks and style. “Everybody wanna be like me, bust down big chains and dress fancy.”  While Pump lacks lyricism, he makes up for it with repetitive, yet catchy hooks and flows.

Overall, respecting the new category of mumble rap, I give this album 4.5/5 paws.