Advice for future seniors


Courtesy of Google

Jasjot Kaur, Copy Editor

Attention all current juniors, I have some advice to share that many of you most likely won’t follow, but just know that I am looking out for you.

Junior year is draining and said to be the hardest year of high school. I will agree. Junior year is academically the most difficult, but beware that senior year is emotionally the most difficult.

I recommend that you all put time into studying for that SAT. DO NOT start studying the weekend before, give yourself time and pace those studying sessions. The SAT is more important than you may think. Try doing practice tests that are online, study with Khan Academy or get a prep book. Remember that you and your peers are not identical, just because “Biff” didn’t study and got a 1540 doesn’t mean you will be able to do the same, and that’s okay.

Grades still matter; you’ve made it this far, don’t start slacking now.

Get working on those college applications over the summer. Trust me, I may have not started in the summer, but I was delighted to not be the kid on the verge of frustrated tears at 10 pm on November 30th trying to finish my UC application. Another note, college will be expensive, so start applying for scholarships as early as possible. The Career Center conveniently organizes all scholarship opportunities for you; you can’t win any if you never apply.

Create a new email before you start applying to colleges. Give CollegeBoard that new email because you will receive literal hundreds of constant emails from colleges and it overflows your inbox.

Don’t envision yourself rooming at college with your best friends. It is very likely that you will not be attending the same college as them; if you go in thinking that you will be at separate schools, you won’t be disappointed if that is the case, but overjoyed if it does work out.

You may not get into your dream college and that’s heartbreaking, but you have to move on. Go ahead and cry and rant and sulk; it’s healthy. After you’re done being sad for yourself, move on. You’re going to be fine, but only if you let yourself accept reality.

College. College. College. College. That is all I’ve been talking about because thoughts of the unknown in regard to the next four years of your life is all you think about during senior year. I recommend that you try to forget about your college apps as soon as you hit that submit button. It is difficult but there is no point in stressing over acceptances and what you could’ve done better because you can’t change anything at that point. Remember that one episode of SpongeBob where he has to “empty his mind?” That is what you need to do so you stay sane.

Just Do. Many people miss out on opportunities because they never try. You want to make new friends? Go talk to people. You want to be in the school play? Go try for the part. You want to be Homecoming King? Go promote yourself and rally for votes. You want that job? Go and simply apply. You will never have anything handed to you and that’s a fact. You have to step out of your comfort zone and reach for what you want because no one will do it for you.

If I could sum up senior year in one word, I would call it bittersweet. You won’t have to see 90% of these people ever again and that may be relieving. But OH, your current friends make up that 90% too. So cherish every moment you have. You’re going to miss little things in life as they can be the most memorable, like the breathtaking Tracy sunsets and the bad puns from your Psychology teacher. Time is running out, and it will not slow down for anyone. All there is to do is make the most of it. Stay on top of your responsibilities but cut yourself some slack. Enjoy senior year and relish the last months with your friends.

If you haven’t done so yet, learn to stop crying over spilled milk. Changing the past is impossible so why dwell on what you aren’t able to alter? Learn from your mistakes and try harder next time. You can’t fix that bad test grade, but you can study harder for the upcoming one. Your past is behind you, but your future isn’t set in stone. You won’t be able to retrieve lost time so live in the moment, appreciate those around you and enjoy your senior year. And while you should be conscious of your future, remember that “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, that’s why they call it present.”