Samantha’s Senior Reflection



Samantha Elopre, Staff Reporter

Where do I even begin? High school was truly something else filled with excitement, memories and self-reflection. Nothing could describe high school until you have lived through it. I have learned and grown so much in just a matter of four years and it is all coming to a close. These past four years helped shaped me into the person I am today through all the hardships, hard work and dedication and I would not have it any other way.

Let’s back track to memory lane, freshman year. That year you are new and oblivious to absolutely everything and everyone. You started so naïve but hopeful to take on the new school year with your friends. You were so full of life and eager to try everything new. You begin to put yourself out there and get lucky enough to meet your best friend for life in the most humoristic way. You joined the basketball and track team to meet your future mentor, inspiration and sister “foreva eva.” Life was exciting new, fun and fresh.

Sophomore year was a tough year. It was filled with emotions that you never knew you even had, heartache you never thought you would experience and disappointment that you never thought would happen. That year you were pumped to embark on a new school year, but you didn’t know any better. You began to understand and connect with your inner self and people around you on what is important in your life. The best part of that year was having the chance to do something you were so passionate about, doing gymnastics once again at the gym right around the block, Royal Gymnastics. You met one of the funniest people ever on the track team and created a bond so close with your sisters for life. Life was about realizing and reliving things.

Now it is already junior year, time goes by fast. Junior year was all about the grind, creating a closer bond with your family and friends and doing what you love. That year was the most difficult time in your life from dislocating your knee twice and tearing your knee apart to your actual family falling apart. Even through all the chaos in your life at the time, you wanted to make the best out of it. You were still able to do gymnastics and was blessed to have the chance to start working, coaching and teaching younger gymnasts about my passion for gymnastics. You worked harder, studied harder and trained harder. You created the best memories with your friends at prom, fun trips and every day at school and work that year. Life was hard but your mindset was even stronger and all in all life was lively.

Senior year already! I was excited to tackle the last year of high school. This year was one heck of a ride. I devoted all my time and energy to becoming a full time Xcel competitive team coach for gymnastics at Royal. I met the most amazing, loving and cutest kids that will forever change my life. I had the time of my life with family and friends creating new memories while going on spontaneous adventures. But I realize that everything can change in a blink of an eye. Unfortunately, my mother and my adorable little sunshine sisters had to move in with my grandparents in the middle of the winter break and I was stuck to decide if I wanted to go with them to San Francisco, start a new life and leave all your friends behind or stay here in Tracy without my family to finish off the school year with my friends and continue to coach my girls for their first competition season. Let me tell you, this was most difficult decision I have ever had to make. As you could probably tell already, I decided to stay and I am forever grateful that I even had a chance to stay with my lovely “adoptive” family and I owe everything to them. I created the best memories with my family and friends that I will forever cherish and look back on. I created a deeper love and understanding for my loved ones and continue to appreciate them every day. This year was a blast and I loved every moment of it.

I want to say huge thank you to my Mom for always being there when I needed her the most and being the strongest woman I have ever met, my siblings for being my anchor, the people that push me to great things with my life, my best friends for being the most amazing people to live life with, my Royal family for always treating me like royalty, being a such a loving, inspiring and lit family and creating a second home far away from home.

Even though not everything went your way, everything panned out to the way it was always supposed to and turned out greater than you could have ever imagined. I have learned through the rough times to live by the quote “a minor setback for a major comeback.” These past four years were a true work of art that changed me for the better. I will forever try to become the best version of myself every day by making better choices, being a better person and spreading more love and positivity to everyone and anyone. As cliché as it may sound, you only live once so live your life to the fullest. Never stop sending your gratitude and love by sending memes.

I promise to myself to always be endlessly creating myself. I will be attending San Francisco State University in the fall to fulfill my lifelong dream on becoming a travel nurse. Good luck to everyone and I hope to see you all endeavor great things in life! For now, goodbye and thank you West High for everything, peace and stay #BLESSED!