Hannah B.’s Senior Reflection



Hannah Borges, Staff Reporter

Four years gone so fast. Senior year has always been a distant thought. A lot has happened in the span of your high school career and only you know the full story to it. It all felt as if it was going to last forever. But it didn’t. Freshman year was a new beginning. Everything was so new and fascinating. New faces to meet, old faces to see and different opportunities to explore. Sophomore year, you’re familiar with everything and realizing things. Almost everything in life is temporary, including friends, the good ones and the bad. Boys are mean, girls can be meaner, and you learn to choose your friends wisely. A turning point occurs in your life. Your family is breaking. You must adjust to many changes in your lifestyle, but you have finally managed to adapt to it all. Junior year things start rising but with the reality setting in about your near future. You join the cross-country team and tread the many miles that come along. You’re challenging yourself with harder classes. The pressure is on and you go into a continuous cycle of school, practice, sleep and repeat.

And just like that your four years is coming to an end. Where did all the time go? You wish it would all slow down to a stop. Sometimes you wish you could have only five more minutes. Five more minutes to relive that first moment of meeting your very best friend freshman year that you still have to this day. Five more minutes of that last soccer game or that last push to the finish line in a cross-country race. Five more minutes of singing along to your favorite song with your friends at prom.

You lived in the moment, now just take it all in. You have made so many memories, but not to worry you will make so many more. Thank you, West High, for helping me figure out my life while challenging me and giving myself something to look forward to in my future. You are off to great places. You have gone through the ups and downs of this rollercoaster of a ride and it is your time to get off. Remember where you came from who helped you along the way and who didn’t. Thank you to my Mom who has always given me the best advice and listened no matter what. Thank you to my Dad for always making me smile and putting in his time to coach me. Part of me wishes I had done things differently, yet the things I have done have brought me to where I am today. And with that, Goodbye West High.