Does testing really matter?

Cristopher Marin, Features Editor

The SAT, ACT and CAASPP (California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress)  are all important tests that will determine your acceptance to a certain college. Over the past years colleges were worried and unsatisfied about the amount of students that did not reach the English and Math requirements needed for college classes. This is what led to the CAASPP test. The CAASPP test determines if you meet the college standards or if you need to attend remedial classes. Why is it important to take the test seriously? If you do not do fairly good on the test, then colleges will place you into remedial classes which means extra money spent on classes that do not go towards college credits. Some juniors do not take these test seriously and do not understand how it would affect them later.

Dr. Boswell gave a speech to junior classes before the CAASPP testing. In his speech stated that when prior years had taken the test they did not do well and when he confronted the students about it they replied by saying, “I didn’t know we were supposed to take it serious” and “I didn’t try.” The CAASPP test holds a significant standard for several teenagers nationwide. The assessment evaluates where each student stands in comparison to college readiness level. Each student had the option to reveal their results to colleges that may help them advance in classes. With that said, upcoming juniors make sure you do your best on these tests.

The SAT and ACT are also important tests that will determine if you are eligible to enter a University or College. The ACT and SAT scores narrow down the amount of students that are accepted into a college. Make sure to do them on time and look up the dates in which they will be on so you can sign up. Some colleges determine if you’re eligible by taking your SAT score and combining it with your GPA. You can take as many SAT tests as you want to get your desired score. Upcoming dates for the SAT tests are May 4 and June 1.