Their hard work paid off!


Manasvini Kala, Staff Reporter

Shkhinah Tindsley

Passing over to college, Shkhinah Tindsley received a full-ride athletic scholarship to the University of Utah. Tindsley chose this University because she “wanted to get out of California…and Utah is a really good school as well.” She really enjoys the challenges she faces while playing volleyball. Tindsley would like to play her freshman year and hopes to have a starting position all four years. She has worked very hard to come this far and said “people think volleyball a sissy sport or it’s easy, but it takes a lot of work.” Tindsley’s motivation for volleyball was “to get a scholarship to help my parents out.”

Vanna Marquez

Ready to set high school aside, Vanna Marquez received academic and sport scholarships which covered three fourths of her tuition, board and room. Marquez was accepted into Dominican University of California and chose to go there because she had “always wanted to go to a small private school. It’s a small private school in the Bay Area, close enough to home and far enough from home.” Marquez plans to play volleyball for all four years of college. She has been dedicated to volleyball since she was nine. When asked about Marquez’s motivation for volleyball that brought her to this day, she said, “My sister…she was kind of the person who raised me growing up, so I am always inspired by her.”

Jalen Ervine

Hitting it out of the park with her dedication to softball, Jalen Ervine, received a full-ride scholarship to Boise State University in Utah. Ervine chose to go there because it was close to home but still out of state. She wanted to do something different and really liked the environment and everyone around. When asked about Ervine’s sport plans for college, she said that “everything revolves around softball.” She worked for almost her whole life to achieve this accomplishment. Ervine started playing softball at four-years-old and competitively since she was eight. Her motivation for softball is her family because her “mom has been through a lot and just seeing her go through what she goes through encourages me to do everything for her.”

Monique Reil

Kicking it off to college, Monique Reil received a $17,000 scholarship for soccer to Muskingum University of Ohio. She chose to go to this university because she wanted to stay close to her family, and “it was the best place in the area.” Reil plans to play soccer during her four years in college. It has been her dream to play soccer in college since she was four and has been working hard ever since then. When asked about Reil’s motivation that continues to push her every day when she plays soccer, she said, “I like to do something that makes my mom proud and my brother. She’s happy while I play it, so it makes me happy too.”