Remembering Talona


Picture provided by Aleya Aguilar

West High recognizes the loving memory of Talona Andrea Nathaniel, age 17, who passed away on June 27, 2019.

Talona attended West High until her sophomore year when she then transferred to Stein High school. She was known to always make her presence in the classroom whether it was from her one of the kind personality or her headstrong attitude. Talona excelled in her academics among Stein High students, graduating six months early her junior year and became the speaker at graduation for her class. Her determination did not stop there: she had plans to go to college to become a civil rights attorney, a career which fought for justice and rights of many.

Talona was a loving mom to her son Ezra Jovan Sosa. Ezra was the light that filled Talona with happiness and joy. It was clear among anyone who met her and her son, Talona loved Ezra deeply and had the determination and capability to be a loving mother and achieving woman.

Aleya Aguilar, Talona’s closest friend, was one of the most important support systems in Nathaniel’s life. With five years of a devoted friendship, Aguilar was there for every one of Talona’s major accomplishments, everyday struggles and unforgettable memories made with Talona.

Talona’s existence and who she was naturally as an individual touched the lives of many and implanted an ever-lasting memory in those who loved her most. Those who knew her the best described her as a free spirit who never backed down, a lover that had deep loyalty for her family and friends and an independent woman who lived life on her own accord.

Being able to say that one was able to truly live a life that one wanted is an accomplishment itself. Talona Nathaniel was able to do just that. It reveals the beauty in her character and life as we remember her.

Talona is survived by the strength of her son, Ezra Jovan Sosa; parents, Tiffany and Adrian Nathaniel, and loving friend, Aleya Aguilar.