Powderpuff Kicks Off Homecoming


Photo by Robby Trammell

Adriana Apodaca, Staff Reporter

On October 1, Powderpuff girls took the field once again, and the Seniors won with a final score of 18-8! Each team was coached by Varsity football players and worked extremely hard in preparation for the big game. Our cheer boys hyped up the game on the sideline by cheering for our football girls.

In the first quarter, Seniors started with the ball. Junior’s strong defense held their ground, blocking Seniors from making a touchdown. There were no touchdowns from either team in the first quarter, but things only started to take off from there.

In the second quarter, Junior Jasmine Cochiaosue intercepted the ball from the Seniors, scoring a touchdown with only nine seconds left. Juniors earned an additional two points from their two point conversion. At the end of the quarter, the score was 8-0 with Juniors in the lead.

Starting off the third quarter, the ball was recovered by the Seniors. Senior Jessica McNair made the first touch down with 6:17  left on the clock. The Seniors were making a comeback by having great  plays from multiple players and long strides. The quarter ended with the score of 8-6 with Juniors still in the lead.

The game’s fourth quarter was intense. McNair ran down a 6 early in the game with 10:15 left in the quarter. Juniors fought back with a great return by Cochiaosue. Once again, McNair bolted across the field, swerved through the Juniors and scored another touchdown with only 1:03 left on the clock. The ending score was 18-8, making the Seniors this year’s winners.

After the game, Cochiaosue said, “This years game was super fun, great and competitive.” When on the field, she stated, “We killed it over all, and it’s all love toward the seniors.”

McNair was one of the star players this year, making all touchdowns for Seniors. She stated, “When I’m on the field, all that I’m thinking is that we got to score.”

Alfred Robinson, our varsity football team’s quarterback and the Senior’s head coach, expressed his satisfaction for the girls’ win by saying, “This year’s game ran smooth. We came to win and that’s what we did. I am proud of my girls.” Congratulations to our Seniors for winning this year’s 2019-2020 Powder-Puff  game!