What are you doing this weekend?


Popular student hang-out spot Quickly is open during lunch. Photo by Julian Castro.

School is stressful, tiring and all around mentally draining. Where can you go during the day or the weekends to relax your brain, hang with friends and have something to eat? There are many options and some are good and some not so much. Here are some go-to locations for when you want an escape to enjoy being a teenager.

Got an off campus pass but don’t like spending money? Lucky for you there are more than forty restaurants within a mile radius of the school so you have many options to choose from even when on a budget:

  • Quickly’s, T4 and Tutti Frutti- popular spots to get boba, smoothies, shakes, teas and more all for under five dollars
  • Burger King, Jack in the Box and McDonald: very traditional places where you can enjoy a burger and more
  • Taqueria Maguey: authentic Mexican restaurant to enjoy special deals every day of the week

If you have the money to spoil yourself, here’s some places where quality is as plentiful as the quantity:

  • Dominos, Pizza Hut and Blaze Pizza: popular pizza joints
  • L&L and Hawaiian BBQ
  • Ahii Sushi, Kimono, Musashi and Pho Real and Grill: high quality Asian food like sushi and pho when you want something different

For those Friday nights when being home is too boring, where do you go? Here are some places to go:

  • Cinemark 14: movie theater with high quality seating and good prices
  • Hot Topic: specialty store where you can shop for clothes and accessories to express yourself and fun things to collect
  • Tilt and PLAYLive Nation: fun places to go for games of all types and meeting new people. Events hosted for card games and video game tournaments
  • West Valley Bowling: fun classic way to spend time with friends and make memories

There are many places to be and many people to meet. Go out, explore your city and have fun doing it.