College Night and FAFSA Workshop


On October 9 the Career Center opens their doors to help students on their FAFSA applications. Photo by Anysa Mendoza

Anysa Mendoza, Staff Reporter

On September 17, students who were interested and in need of help attended College Night and the FAFSA workshops.  All grade levels were welcomed to College Night. For the first time, representatives from several different colleges such as UC Merced, CSU Stanislaus, Delta College and Grand Canyon University came to interact with students and give general information about their campuses and types of financial aid.

The night consisted of each representative detailing what their schools offer, including their programs, housing, tuition, scholarships and much more. It was a way to learn about the benefits like different majors and degrees of community colleges, CSU and UC colleges and for our students near futures.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), workshops were held at West High in the career center on October 9. All seniors and their parents were encouraged to attend. FAFSA is an application that can help determine students’ eligibility for financial aid. The program provides the possibility for students to reduce college tuition. College advisers were also present to help anyone with questions or concerns for their student FAFSA accounts. Senior Justin Costa refers to the FAFSA workshops as “very helpful and a good way to get students started on getting ready for college.” If any seniors are curious about FAFSA and want more information, visit the career center or website