Showing ‘Pack Pride during the Homecoming Game


West football plays the first scrimmage against St. Marys. Photo by Jonah Guerrero.

Melany Alas, News Editor

Homecoming Week is always an exciting time for the students. Some are witnessing their first Homecoming as freshmen while others feel the bittersweet emotions of their last Homecoming passing by. Though West lost against St. Mary’s with a score of 19-64, spirits had never been higher for those who came out to support. West High won the coin toss and had Senior Wide Receiver TJ Williams catching the kickoff. The team quickly made a touchdown at 8:33 when Senior Tight End Nate Nelson caught a deep pass during a post route, evening out the score  7-7. The crowd went wild as the game had just started to unfold and already had everyone at the edge of their seat. West continued to keep pace against the opponent during the first quarter, but St. Mary’s quickly recovered and made multiple touchdowns during the second quarter. However, students continued to chant and cheer for our school as West kept the ball in their possession for as  long as possible. In the second quarter, Senior Quarterback Alfred Robinson scored a touchdown at minute 4:41 bringing the score to 13-42 by Half-time. “My linemen did a good job on that one,” said Robinson on his scramble play, sprinting to the end zone on the 4th down.

The Homecoming Half-time show consisted of an upbeat performance by our cheer and dance teams who brought everyone to their feet to celebrate. However, no one made the crowd roar like our Powderpuff boys who cheered and stunted to prepare everyone for the Homecoming announcements. Seniors Pedro Casillas and  Sophia Jones won the crowns. The joy on their faces reflected the excitement that filled the stadium as the second half of the game began.

During 3rd Quarter, Senior Running Back Amari Henderson made a touchdown at minute 6:47 with an incredible running play and brought up the score 19-49. On these touchdowns, Robinson states how he’s “so proud of [his] teammates” as they played a great game to the very end. “We never gave up no matter what the score showed,” said  Nelson, representing the pride the football team has in their school.

“The game plan is to control the ball,” said Coach Wichman, and that’s exactly what the team did. They played a great game and West High is incredibly proud of them. At the end of the day, wins or losses don’t matter, but the spirit we cultivated as a pack.