Dance Team Shows Off Fresh Routines


Senior Taylor Byrd is featured in Dance Teams Homecoming routine. Photo by Jonah Guerrero.

Adriana Apodaca, Staff Reporter

Our dance team took a spin on this year’s theme, TV Networks, into their routine during the Homecoming game’s half-time show. They contributed your favorite Nickelodeon theme songs from shows such as “Kim Possible” and “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” in their music. They practiced hard in preparation for their Homecoming performance, it being one of the most important ones. The crowd cheered in satisfaction while the dancers re-enacted a part of the theme song from “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”. These girls hit remarkable tilts, somersaults and chaîné turns in this dance. Senior Renee Bell, one of the members of the dance team, said, “I love being in dance. We have so much fun and make so many memories.” Her favorite routine is their Homecoming one as it is for other students. The dance team’s  fantastic performance has people looking forward to what they have in store!