How to Study for your Finals


Junior Aria Jacinto highlights while studying for a test. Photo by Seemani Dash

Seemani Dash, Copy Editor

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Finals! The week of endless cramming, major stress and tedious test taking is fast approaching us, ready to make every student cry with unbridled joy. I’m just kidding; we all dread this week with every fiber of our being. However, not all hope is lost. There’s still time to raise those grades without pulling several all-nighters. At this point, you probably know how to study for your exams from your teachers, parents or the Internet. Trust me, every single expert has pitched in on the best study habits to establish. However, I think there’s a much better way to consider studying: how not to study. Here are some not so bright ideas to spend the day before your finals.

  1. Take a 4 hour nap the day before your hardest final.

It definitely sounds relaxing, but have you ever woken up without feeling groggy? Sleep is great for your brain, but there are more productive things you could be doing (say, studying).

  1. Binge watch all 10 seasons of Friends the night before.

Friends is a great show! Watching every episode in one day, not so great though. Time management is crucial to acing those exams, and there’s always winter break to catch up on season 8.

  1. Lose all your notes.

Whether you misplaced them or left them in an obscure place, losing the course materials may not help you get an excellent grade. However, the internet, textbooks and your friends are all great resources to use in times like these.

  1. Use your 10 minute break to scroll on Instagram.

You should take breaks while studying, but monitor how much time you spend on social media just for finals week. Before you know it, 10 minutes could turn into 5 hours, which could cause a chain of reactions such as oversleeping, arriving late to your final and being an overall mess. Being mindful of time key to raising your test scores.

  1. Cram an entire semester at 6 a.m.

If you have photographic memory, this will be the perfect way to ace that test. If not, your brain might slightly be in trouble because you won’t remember the important details. I’m not saying that procrastination is okay, but at least start studying a few days before. Your brain will thank you.

But in all seriousness, take a breather from the studying every now and then and keep a positive mindset. Finals will be done before you know it and they will be worth the hard work. You got this. Happy studying!