Producing the Next Generation of Filmmakers


Seniors Regino Bernal and Robby Trammell sketch storyboard ideas. Photo by Cristopher Marin.

Cristopher Marin, Features Editor

West High is a school filled with diverse students that have different skills and passions. This year there are many new clubs that will cater to the unique skills of those students. One of those clubs is the Video Production Club where students who admire filming and producing videos can meet up after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays to share ideas and create short films. These meetings take place in P18 and is run by students such as Senior Robby Trammell.

Trammell is the Vice President of the club and also the Zephyr’s video production editor. Trammell has hosted many meetings in which the students “bounce ideas off of each other and create short films, skits, anything [they] think of”. When asked about what is expected in the club, Trammell stated, “We hope people who are passionate about films will come and practice making videos. We have some people who know their way around a camera and can teach the basics of videography and photography.” The club will also be hosting a video competition this year. “If anyone wants to submit a film, come to the club and we can help you get an idea made. The deadline is in January,” says Trammel to any students who may be interested. The Video Production club is a great way for students to show their skills and a wonderful edition to the school. Remember, anyone is welcome, so come by and check it out!