Remembering Bryan


Jonah Guerrero, Staff Reporter

West High mourns the passing and remembers the legacy of Bryan Redman, age 17, who passed away October 28, 2019. Byran’s friends would describe him as always being the light in the room. He would have that positive loud energy, and always being the first one to the punchline. He was never a one dimensional person and he had a soft side as well. He was the shoulder to lean on and the understanding voice of reason to help anyone in need. Bryan was a leader, especially with the 2019 varsity football team. Every Friday night number twelve could be seen pumping up his teammates. Celebrating others successes was also his specialty, running down the sideline to join in the touchdown celebration. A glimpse of how much he meant to the program was shown at our last game of the season at Tracy on Friday, November 1, 2019. A moving tribute to Bryan was displayed by the team, holding up a banner reading “For Bryan”, as red balloons flew into the night sky. Everyone knew Bryan was looking down with a smile.

Bryan was the type of person to make anyone feel like his best friend, as aforementioned with his positive loud energy. Anyone would know if he was in the room, as A ‘Million Celestine, one of his closet friends noted, “He was the type to lift up the energy in the room, and still be able to personally make your day better even if you were going through it.” Amari Henderson, another one of his closest friends remembers how he would “be right behind me whenever I would score a touchdown, celebrating with me like we just won the Super Bowl.”  That is just who Bryan was, regardless of knowing him, there was something positive to say about him. Even in an important position, such as being one of the coaches for this year’s Senior Powderpuff team, he still found a way to make it fun.

Bryan is survived by his family and friends.