They Shoot, They Score!

Supporting the first Boys Varsity Basketball game


The Boys Varsity basketball team fights to get the ball on November 22, 2019. Photo by Isaac Baria.

Isaac Baria, Staff Reporter

The West High Wolfpack lost 64-74 to the Manteca Buffaloes after the ‘Pack had gained a substantial lead during the first half. This was a rough start to our Wolf Pack’s basketball season, but we still have high hopes for the future games.

Senior Elias Woodward scored our first 3-pointer and continued this shooting streak throughout the whole game. Woodward also took back the lead from Manteca with a lay-up in the second period. Senior Tony Walker, Jr. secured this lead with four more points immediately after. The game ties up at 6:50 left in the third period, and it ends with 49-53 Manteca.

When asked about how the ‘Pack played today, West High’s coach Scott von Stade said, “The team had high energy, they played well, they shot decent and they were unselfish.” He followed this statement up saying, “They need to improve rebounds and shoot their points in the paint, but they played a fantastic game.”

Woodward said “We played good, but we could be better, not all shots fell my way.”

At the beginning, the crowds in the bleachers were ecstatic, but once it came down to the final minutes, everyone fell silent hoping their team would score those last points and secure the win. Overall, the people and the players had good sportsmanship and reacted with fairness to the final scores.