Unity Club


Senior Joshua Bolden, founder of Unity Club. Photo by Sneha Thokkadam.

Sneha Thokkadam, Opinion Editor

Joshua Bolden is a football player, Pack Leadership member and founding officer of one of the newest clubs on campus, Unity Club. He started the club in order to help special needs students feel included and comfortable in our school’s community. Bolden feels so strongly about them because his own older brother was a special needs student. “I saw how hard it was for him[Bolden’s brother] and I don’t want them to feel like they’re alone, that there’s help out there…I just want to be there for them with literally anything they need,” said Bolden. He also heard of instances of bullying against our special needs students in the past, Bolden said, “Hearing that just broke me… I don’t want anyone else to feel like that[again]”. When talking about the members of the club, Bolden automatically assumes a protective tone, stating he couldn’t stand to see these students in pain. Unity Club is mainly led by Bolden, with some help from his fellow football players and leadership students. Their meetings so far have consisted of chalking, making bracelets, drawing Thanksgiving cards and cleaning up the campus every month for one day at lunch. Bolden, who is graduating in 2020, hopes that the club will live on long after he leaves, so that special needs students always feel safe and welcomed at our school.

Unity Club meets every Thursday during lunch in P23, so stop by!