Bringing ‘Pack Pride to London


Photo provided by Samantha Anastasio

Natalie Mangskau, Editor-in-Chief

Over winter break, senior Samantha Anastasio participated in the London New Year’s Day Parade as a cheerleader in part of the All American Cheer Team. Anastasio, who has devoted over eleven years to the sport, was selected to be part of the team during a summer camp that the West cheer team attended. She learned a cheer and dance routine and performed it with seven other cheerleaders during the camp. Out of the seven in her group, Anastasio was the only one to be selected to join the All American team. 

During her trip to London, Anastasio recounts the cultural differences between British and American ways of life. “Here everything is fast, but when you’re over there, you’re expected to take your time; meals can last hours long.” For her performance in London, Anastasio learned a new routine to perform during the parade. 

Anastasio has been part of West’s cheer team for all four years and is also a softball player. She’s passionate about cheer and especially enjoys performing routines for the community. “I like the dance sections… I get really hyped doing it and trying new stunts.”  Anastasio’s advice for new cheerleaders is, “It can be hard at first, but keep trying. You’ll eventually get it.”