Do Colleges Truly Determine Our Worth?


Art by Angeline Tan

Puja Patel, Sports Editor

It’s that time of the year. Applications have been submitted and students are eagerly awaiting their notification letters. Seniors can finally relax after three long years of hard work and focus on making the last few months of high school memorable. It’s the season for prom, senior trip and senior ditch day. But, some students allow their spirits to be crushed by the letters that will decide their future.

However, I believe that students have been blinded by the light that shines upon prestigious schools. When the fateful day of receiving the email to check your portal comes, students often view a rejection as the end of the world. 

With the way society has portrayed the idea of an “acceptable” future, many students find it hard to be anything less than what society wants. Along with many other students, I grew up in a household that only accepted the best, nothing less. And if I didn’t, I was a “failure” and had ruined my future. However, I have grown to believe otherwise. 

I believe that the way society tries to mold people is actually counterproductive and hinders students’ abilities. They wake up each day and go to school in fear of what would happen if they don’t get accepted to their dream school rather than the sake of learning. We forget that no matter what college a student attends, we are practically guaranteed to receive a reliable education that will enable us to be prepared for our careers. I know that it doesn’t matter whether I attend community college or a private college. Yes, there are benefits to attending private schools, but it’s not the end of the world if I don’t get in.

At the end of the day, the only name on the college diploma that matters is yours, not the college.