Meet your ASB president: Briana Mendez


Photo by Seemani Dash

Briana Mendez, Guest Writer

For the past 4 years, I have spent most of my summers & outside of school time dedicated to Leadership. Although we have set positions in ASB, everyone puts in work to make each event possible and with each role I’ve played, it has prepared me for this year as ASB President. 

As ASB President, my job is to overlook each task to assure our program is constantly improving, delegate jobs, make sure we are on time & prepared for each event, strive to keep the positive image West High has in our community & update the school board on our progress each month. I wanted to take on the role of ASB President because despite the challenges I would face, I knew I had the strategic ability to run the program in an efficient & organized way. After being apart of Leadership for 4 years, people have already associated my name with Leadership, so I always felt that being ASB President might be fitting for me. I wouldn’t be here without  the guidance of Behnam, my past ASB presidents, & my family who have demonstrated a good work ethic and have pushed me to be the best leader I can be. This year, I have made efforts to improve every aspect of PL such as school spirit/student involvement, rallies, dances, community service, mental health, etc. I am thankful to have help from my ASB of Activities, Rally Commissioner, ASB VP, and Conflict Management to ease the job. My favorite part about being ASB President is feeling relieved and accomplished after an event is over. As a program, we struggle and stress together so that we can watch our school appreciate the show & have fun. Some of my best memories were made while I was worn out, my feet hurt, & I couldn’t wait to go home and I am thankful that to this day, the other “4 years” & I still reminisce about things that happened our freshmen year because it shows how well we’ve come. My advice to underclassmen would be to get involved! Go to sporting events, join Blue Crew, participate in spirit days, go to Winter Ball, get hyped at the rallies, join clubs (especially Project Smile (:), FFA, band, etc. In order to get the full high school experience, you have to realize that you are NEVER too cool to show spirit and bleed Blue & Gold. After I leave, I know I have great leaders to take the program over and fill other ASB positions. Within Leadership, I hope the traditions of “Denny’s Night” during homecoming, making freshmen clean the shed, & poking fun back at Behnam are carried on. For the whole student body, I can only hope that the diverse, spirited, and accepting culture at West High will remain.