Thank You

A letter to all the essential workers


Graphic by Sarah Marin

Sarah Marin, Staff Reporter

As the panic about COVID-19 started to increase in the community, there were people such as doctors and nurses, teachers and store workers who were preparing themselves for what was to come. Doctors and nurses worked day and night without rest to make sure their patients were all right, janitors did their best to maintain places clean in order to assure a safe environment, knowing they too were putting their life at risk. The school administrators, teachers and staff also worked hard to provide students with resources and encouragement throughout this pandemic. Store employees worked nonstop to maintain order amongst the customers and responded with “We’re out of toilet paper” countless times. The Mayor and City Council members worked arduously to keep their community safe and up to date about what was happening. The police force and firefighters helped ensure the safety of people and, along with many kind volunteers and organizations, helped make sure families had the supplies they needed. The mailmen and women diligently delivered our mail with a warm smile on their faces. Essential workers, such as those who make pallets for stores, have worked not knowing how much they benefit others. Agricultural laborers that wake up before the sun does, helped us have food at our tables. The truck drivers that have driven for hours and are miles away from home, delivered essential things needed in stores. People have stayed at home in order to help stop the spread of COVID-19. To all these and many more who I have not mentioned, thank you very much for all your hard work. There are not enough words to express how thankful we are for all that you’ve done, you have not only helped those around you, but you have helped an entire community. Thank you.