Jonah’s Senior Reflection

Photo courtesy of Lifetouch

McCoy, Leslie

Photo courtesy of Lifetouch

Jonah Guerrero, Video Production Editor

Dear Future Classes,

​When you become a senior, whether it be next year or three years from now, don’t take anything for granted. School may look different for some classes; some activities will still be missed, but you have to appreciate the time you have with your friends, teammates and yes even your teachers. There are special little lessons that you will learn throughout your time in high school, moments you will live and people you will have possibly for the rest of your life. I know at the moment, this comes out things may seem dire, and uncertainty is the emotion we are all feeling. But, if anything, do it for the Class of 2020. We are missing out on the best part of high school: the last bits we needed after 12 years of school to know it wasn’t all for nothing.

​This is the point in time where we have to count the good things in life – for my class it is getting into the schools of our dreams. Maybe it is following in the footsteps of a loved one or forging our own paths. It’s those high school sweethearts that are looking toward a future together as well as those who are planning out their individual futures. Perhaps you could think of the recent senior hall of fame and laugh at the stir it caused and how ironic we cared so much about who won considering the current circumstances. 2020’s seniors will remember how they had butterflies in their stomach trying to pull off the most perfect promposal and getting that “yes”. On the other hand, it was the hours and hours used to try and find the perfect fit for their last prom. To finally, the moments some weirdly miss, such as having tests at the end of the week, or to start off their week (because why would you start off my week like that!). Let’s also have a special shout out to those brave seniors who took the stage in the theater, gym or football field to display their talents for the whole school to see.

​This all essentially boils down to my final point. To truly live it up but not only your senior year. To use it as a motto for your own personal life, live it up as if it was your last. Yes, try and make it to that party, please join that club, go up and talk to him/her, take that class, learn something! Because if I have anything to reflect on, it is I didn’t do nearly enough in high school, do I regret it? Maybe, but the friends I have made, relationships I have made, teammates I call my brothers and memories I will hold on to for a lifetime surely do make up for it. I will miss my last few months of high school, but we all have to leave sometime right? So please future classes, go and live up your time in high school. Do it for Class of 2020; if not do it for yourself! Even with the current circumstances, school might look a little different, Class of  2021 I’m looking at you and apologize in advance. Yet, even in every struggle there is always an upside so future classes go back to school with the thought of YOU got this.

​Sincerely, Jonah Guerrero (Senior class of 2020)