Anti-maskers Strike Back

Courtesy of Alana Escalante

Courtesy of Alana Escalante

Jada Portillo, Opinion Editor

Anti-maskers, a group of people who absolutely dislike the idea of wearing a mask, will do anything but wear a mask. When anti-maskers” heard about wearing masks, they were furious, claiming masks were not going to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  A protester at Ohio State House said, “If I’m going to get COVID and die from it, then so be it.” In July, President Trump issued everyone to wear a mask to stop the spread of the virus. From then on, protests all over the United States were started by the Anti-maskers. A few protests in the US were Salt Lake City, July 16 and Ohio State House, July 18. At the protests, protesters ripped caution tape and held posters and American flags. Ironically, some of the anti-maskers were wearing masks at their own anti-masks protest. 

Anti-maskers claim wearing a mask is suffocating, annoying and heating up their faces. The most popular claim by the anti-maskers was masks take away their freedom and rights according to the Constitution  Some of them say this whole COVID-19 is a hoax planned by the government which is why they don’t need to wear masks since COVID isn’t “real”. People began making fishnet masks that satisfied few of the anti-maskers claiming they will be sending their children to school in fishnet masksSome of the anti-maskers loved fishnet masks since they were easier to breath in and comfier while most didn’t like the idea of masks no matter what. Videos of anti-maskers being kicked out of stores, hospitals, schools, flights, stores and many other places went viral. Many tantrums were made by the anti-maskers when being called out for not wearing masks. Many people commented on how Anti-maskers were being dramatic, while others agreed with them.

Wearing a mask ensures the safety of others. It’s like going to the doctor when you have a bad cough so they give you a mask so you won’t get anyone else sick. The purpose of a mask is to prevent COVID, or if you do have COVID you can’t get anyone else sick.