From the Principal’s Office to the County Office

Dr. Brown’s journey from West High Principal to SJCOE Superintendent


Dr. Brown visits Journalism pre-COVID. Photo by Carly Sexton of SJCOE. Used with permission.

Cydney Macon, Copy Editor

West High’s former principal, Dr. Troy Brown, is taking on new heights. Beginning on July 1, 2021, Brown will become San Joaquin County Office of Education’s (SJCOE) new superintendent. To explain what his new role is, “My job – as an organization- [is] how can we support districts…and how can we support students and parents of the greatest needs in the county.” This goes along with training and programs for staff and students among all fourteen school districts. 

Since handing off the baton to Dr. Boswell, Brown had been a Director at the District Office for one year until he made his way to the County District office, working for James Mousalimas. “From all staff and employees were such a warm welcome.”  

When asked what encouraged him to take on this new position, Brown said, “Some of it actually was West High.” At West, Brown learned how “every student matters.”  When he was our school’s principal, he remembers how he would get to know other students to make sure they felt connected to the school and their needs were being met. “So, when you think about the county, we have about 150,000 TK-12 public education students. So how can we as a county either try to help districts or the other individual students we serve?” 

As the new superintendent, Brown hopes to continue the work of current superintendent James Mosuilimas. Brown praised Mosoulimas for establishing relationships and programs for students with high needs. “But we always want to grow,” Brown mentioned. He went on to talk about how our county already boasts the biggest S.T.E.M. department out of the state’s other fifty-eight counties as well as looking for ways for it to grow. Along with this, a future school program for students could be underway as well. “We’re starting an academy at Venture Charter School to prepare students to become teachers.”  Brown is excited to execute this academy especially as California is experiencing a teacher shortage. 

Brown looks forward to working with his team of SJCOE and management groups. “The whole county office of education is so unique. People are just fabulous individuals…there’s this drive to support students and families.” He also looks forward to working with all the academies and programs in each district. 

Before becoming County Superintendent, Brown served as an Associate Superintendent. He began working with other districts to get to know individuals and programs.  This helped him to prepare for his position as county superintendent.  He spent much of his time learning how a superintendent oversees the development of the community’s youth.

When asked what lessons TUSD has taught him for his new position, Brown answered, “[I learned] how valuable a whole school community is – that it’s more than just students and staff. It’s the families of students and local community organizations.” Although the County District is a much wider scope, Brown still emphasizes that every individual student is important, and they should love their schools and communities.  In addition, his hopes are that students go away to college and come back and give back to their community.